About Aaron

Aaron Jamieson is an Australian photographer who arrived on the island of Hokkaido in 2006. Immediately finding a connection to the people, wild seasons and uncharted frontiers, Aaron has been exploring all corners of the island ever since.

Drawn to unique landscapes, Aaron’s photographic exploration also includes the cold and remote mountain regions of Australia, Iceland, Patagonia and Greenland as a commissioned explorer, photographer and writer for Australian Geographic.

Having worked extensively across Hokkaido as a guide for film crews and athletes, Aaron also coordinates his own film and photographic projects for brands and sponsors, as well as offering to share his explorations with a select group of clients every year on his photography workshops.

For all of this exploration, Hokkaido’s endless intrigue makes it a lifelong expedition—the reason Aaron calls this island home. Based in Niseko, Aaron divides his time between his gallery in his home village of Hirafu, and leading photographic projects and adventures across Hokkaido.

Aaron’s adventures are displayed as fine-art prints in his gallery, while his commercial work is best seen through his portfolio on his personal site: