Our Hand Crafted Process

Washi 和紙 – handcrafted paper, woven with generations of beautiful Japanese tradition.

Like all handmade works of art, each piece of washi is one of a kind.

Aaron’s desire to find a paper that would perfectly capture the colours and textures of his images, while also being unique and beautiful in its own right, led him to the island of Shikoku.

It was here, on an island of crystal clear rivers and mystical forests, that Aaron found a small factory with six generations of craftsmen creating fine art paper. Using ancient techniques, refined over generations, the Awagami Factory produces washi from natural fibres of renewable plant resources.

Learning the techniques of this ancient skill from the master craftsmen in the factory, Aaron found the perfect unison; his art merged with the craftsmanship of these paper artisans.

Each beautiful and unique piece created one at a time.

The same as a photograph.