Speckled River

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Shiribetsu-gawa is the water lifeline that flows through Hirafu and the greater Niseko area. As Mt Youtei symbolizes Niseko and summons up the memory of your winter wonderland getaway; the snow covered rocks scattered along this river is as much a reminder of your dreamy days in Hirafu. 

Our fine art prints are created on handmade paper in Japan. The traditional skill of meticulously crafting washi paper by hand means that no two prints are alike. 

Framed in a sturdy, lightweight black aluminium frame your handcrafted print is well protected and easy to transport home, or displayed in your Niseko property.

Speckled River is a limited edition series of only 25 prints.

The numbered print in the carousel is an example and not indicative of the print number purchased. Following images in the carousel is an example of the print in frame and texture of the washi paper.